Advanced Point Modifiers

1. Night time
2. Rain/Fog/Precipitation
3. Motorcycle Packs
4. The "Special Question"

1. Night Time

All points are doubled at night. For example, seeing a motorcycle at an intersection at night is worth six points. "Night" in legal terms is one half hour after sunset and the half hour in between is considered "twilight." To make it easier, players should decide that "night" starts when they no longer see the sun in the sky and ignore twilight altogether. This makes it much easier to call the start of night rules.

All players must agree that night rules start before any player can claim the double points modifier.

2. Rain/Precipitation and Fog

All points are also doubled in the rain. Rain is defined as "water falling out of the sky". Water on the ground from previous rain is not considered rain. Any amount of rain can start the double points modifier as long as all players are aware and agree that points are doubled for rain. This rule can be applied to fog, snow and hail.
Once the precipitation stops or the area of fog has been passed double points will no longer apply but all players must agree that double points no longer apply.

3. Motorcycle Packs

A group of five or more motorcycles is considered a pack and will only count as five points, even if there are thirty motorcycles. Fun as it sounds, we are against one player pummeling another like a a boxer hitting a speed bag because a charity ride goes by.
Night and precipitation modifiers are still applied to those five points if applicable.

4. The "Special Question"

Any time someone asks "How many points do I get if I hit one?" players must:

1. Say "DERP!"
2. Punch the asker on the shoulder.

If they ask why just tell them, "That's the rules!"