All about the Count Motorcycles® game

What is the Count Motorcycles® game?

Deemed "the best idea for motorcycle awareness yet conceived," the Count Motorcycles® game was a finalist in the Allstate Motorcycle Good Rides Grant competition on Facebook. We were one of fifteen ideas selected out of 1000 and the public voting process ended October 31, 2013. And we WON!!!

Research has shown that people that played "Punch-Buggy", or any other driving game as kids, are likely to play the game as adults. This is because the games "condition" the person to see a particular type of vehicle and, the way the mind works, they sometimes can't stop. Additionally, those same people are likely to teach others how to play well into their later years.

The Count Motorcycles® game is a driving game. is the official rule book of the game. Here you find that not only do we promote The Motorcycle Awareness Game™, we provide rules, hints and even scorecards and merchandise.

Furthermore, in keeping with modern gaming conventions, the web page has a “hints” page that gives players clues to becoming champion players. The page says that motorcycles “hide” or “camouflage” themselves in headlights and tail lights, for instance. It goes on to say that if you know this simple trick you will win the game.
The advanced game awards extra points for seeing a motorcycle in the mirror or in an intersection.

It is the contention of Count Motorcycles, LLC that this concept is impossible to get across to non-riders in any effective way other than through the Count Motorcycles® game.

We hope, with this win from Allstate Motorcycle, to attract new players to the game.

All you have to do is start playing the game with your friends and family. How do you start playing the game? Next time you are driving with your friends and a motorcycle rides by, whack them on the arm and say "motorcycle," just like "Punch-Buggy." Do that three or four times and you will have created a competitor THAT IS NOW SCANNING TO SEE A MOTORCYCLE.

Order a game pack and get the advanced score cards, a great gift idea. Additionally, we are looking for sponsors and partners both large and small to help offer incentives to play the game. Any organization, any retail store. We are looking to make this a huge success and you can be part of it. Please feel free to contact us if you have any interest in this regard.

The Count Motorcycles® safety campaign is out to do what other campaigns have failed at; get drivers to scan for motorcycles.