All about the Count Motorcycles® game and safety campaign

The Count Motorcycles® game is The Motorcycle Awareness Game™ and is a fun way to teach people to keep a lookout for motorcycles while driving.
The Count Motorcycles® slogan was conceived on I-95 in New York State in the year 2000 by our CEO Dave, an avid motorcyclist, former ad agency producer and Army Reserve Soldier. Having worked on the Ad Council’s “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” campaign, Dave was inspired to use his talents to create a breakout campaign for motorcycle awareness.

The Count Motorcycles® safety campaign was originally conceived as a replacement for the slogan “Watch for Motorcycles”. The Motorcycle Association of New York State (MANYS) commissioned the project and trademarked the phrase to headline its awareness campaign for 2002.

The idea for a real game with rules came while Dave was deployed to Iraq while on the road looking for IED's.

On return to the U.S. in 2007 he discovered that MANYS had dissolved and his ideas were no longer being implemented. Using his re-enlistment bonus, he retrieved the trademark and started his company, Count Motorcycles LLC to launch this game.

The Count Motorcycles® safety campaign and the Count Motorcycles® game are trademarks of The Chop Shop, LLC.
The Motorcycle Awareness Game™ is a trademark of Count Motorcycles LLC
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Count Motorcycles® is out to do what other campaigns have failed at; get drivers to scan for motorcycles.