Hey!? I Ride!? Can I play too?!

Of course you can!!! But you play a different role.

1. Be visible! Be counted!!
2. Don't hide.
3. Ride safe.
4. Don't ride like an idiot! : )

The Count Motorcycles® game is a game played while driving. You can play it while you are riding, but it it is much more fun to play with your friends in a car or truck. This web page is the official rules site of the Count Motorcycles® game. You should tell your friends about this game and start playing it with them. The Count Motorcycles® store has stickers, magnets and other decals that you can display to help promote the game.

1. Be visible! Be counted!!

Do all that you have ever learned to make sure players can see you and get points. Look through the Hints page and see what you can do to break out of the background.

2. Don't hide!

It's hard enough to see you. Don't go out out and try to make the game something it isn't. If you see someone playing the game, make it easy for them to see you. I think you can understand why, right?

3. Ride safe!

Riding visible is one thing, waggling around and waving is another. Make sure you keep your wits about you while being counted.

4. Don't ride like an idiot! : P

See #3 above. We want players to count you, not hate you. Capiche?